Choosing the right promotional item for a captive audience at exhibitions and conferences

Code Promotional asked:

When you attend a trade show, however, you are given the opportunity to prove how much better your company is compared to the others. And one of the best ways to show off your business is with promotional products.

Having a stellar promotional product giveaway at a trade show is and one of the smartest marketing moves you can make for your business is to have a set of promotional items that convey professionalism, quality and impact. Or why not try the novel route, choosing a promotional product that will attract customers and prospect to your trade show booth like bees to honey. From there, your sales team can promote your business message and demonstrate why your company is better than the rest.

What about taking your trade show giveaways to a two tier approach? Choose a range of promotional items for a core audience and then supplement the offering with a range of give-aways for the masses.  Put your business name on the folders, pens, bags and notebooks that are given to each trade show attendee for widespread promotional exposure. This provides a strong business case for the use of promotional merchandise in general as it shows the marketing budget is being tactically used and segmented according to the target audience’s propensity to spend with you (so giving you more credibility across the business).

So when you’re planning the next exhibition, keep promotional merchandise from Code Promotional Merchandise in mind during budget discussions…it could prove the most cost-effective element of an often costly exercise.

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