The versatility of promotional merchandise

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The key place for any promotional merchandise is on an office desk

As with any approach to gaining new business, if you can get your brand into the office environment of your target, you’ve got yourself over a massive hurdle.  Promotional desk top items can play a key role in this struggle and that’s why you should consider which promotional item you choose very carefully.  From paper based promotional ideas through to desk top promotional items you need to hit the mark with a promotional idea that reflects your business.  Get it right and it will stay on the desk…get it wrong and it goes straight in the bin!

So consider the target audience, what they need (and what they may have 100’s of!) and what will make that instant impression when they receive it.  And as promotional electrical items become more prolific you can broaden your thinking.  USB’s are increasing in popularity along with desk clocks, promotional lights and calculators.

Get your brand ‘out and about’ with promotional merchandise

Promotional travel and leisure gifts offer you the opportunity to get out of the office environment and communicate with your target audience in their travel and leisure time. 

In 2008 a survey by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) conducted a survey of business class travellers at two of America’s largest airports, Chicago and Dallas.  A massive 72% of the interviewees had in their possession at least one promotional product and, of that group, 73% could recall the advertisers name or message before looking at it.  And if you consider these audiences were all sat together for a prolonged period of time, the networking opportunities for your brand are phenomenal.

But we all have leisure time too.  So consider your choice of leisure promotional items carefully and see you brand marketed in office-free environments too.  Promotional umbrellas are consistently popular as are promotional torches, promotional luggage tags, promotional car accessories such as ice scrapers and promotional golf accessories.

So from promotional bottled water to promotional beauty items at Code Promotional Merchandise you have real opportunity to make promotional merchandise work for you at work and at play. 

Demonstrate your social responsibility with eco promotional merchandise

As the pressure on all businesses grows to act responsibly, there is now a growing range of these promotional items have been specifically sourced to allow you to do just that in your marketing. Derived from recycled paper and other materials you will find a wide range of eco-friendly promotional products that grow consistently in range as demand grows.  From natural ink based promotional pens and recycled note pads through to organic cotton bags and fair trade clothing, any organisation has ample opportunity to demonstrate its eco credentials via its choice of promotional merchandise from Code Promotional Merchandise.




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