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High Retention Levels

If you get the giveaway right, then the recipient will keep it.  And if you can give away a business gift that will actually save your prospect money then you really will be on to a winner. So consider a giveaway such as promotional pens (always handy), promotional mugs (never enough in the coffee cupboard) and promotional umbrellas (never going to get thrown away).

Message Longevity

No-one can suggest that a promotional item can compare with a TV advert.  But what they lack in glamour they more than make up for in longevity.  TV adverts are of course the most expensive form of advertising and whilst they may create a dramatic impact the majority are soon forgotten.  The beauty of the promotional item is the message is retained, far beyond any cost benefit analysis threshold.  Just ask yourself when was the last time you through a promotional baseball cap away|

More Useful Than an Advert

From promotional ice scrapers and promotional torches through to branded mobile phone holders and printed folders, most promotional items are useful in one way or another. As a result of this usefulness they will be retained...along with your brand and message. 

Client Loyalty

Promotional merchandise is not just nicety.  It can have a massive impact on your customers’ perception of you and your company.  So next time they have a choice to make between suppliers, it could just be the factor that swings that order to you rather than the competition.  And all because of that element of promotional merchandise that you gave away as a freebie! 

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