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Every company wants the same thing; to be a household name in their market or industry. Promotional products can do this for you. All the commercials and advertising in the world cannot do the trick. It takes getting your name in front of your customer's face as much as possible.

How to use promotional products.

These products come in many different forms. From tee shirts to golf balls, engraved silver flasks to personalised ink pens, the products are designed to impress. More importantly, the product has your company's name written- no, emblazoned-on it. Every time that customer uses that item, they will think about you and/or your company.

Most commonly, promotional products are given away on customer visitations. Right along with your business card, you can hand that contact a pen or even a small magnet. If they happen to be a really good customer, think ahead and order a nice personalised item such as logo golf balls or a silver pen set with their initials on it. Something that says "thank you" and brands the product.

Sometimes, you can drop a little something in the snail mail to them saying thanks for your patronage. Maybe you could put the customer's entire sales team in notepads or even binders. Anything that will be used many times over and has your company written all over it. That is the idea behind branding with promotional products.

When to use promotional products.

The best time is on a first visit. Once in the door, you want to put your company name everywhere possible. Stop by the sales team members cubicles, introduce yourself and hand them a pen or business card. The next time they pick up that item, you are on their mind.

Another good time to use these products is after a significant sale. Some managers disagree with this but it never hurts to say "thanks" for a large purchase. In these cases, a better quality product is called for. Perhaps a promotional hip flask or crystal paperweight.

Another way to use these products is to hand them out to suppliers as they visit you. When you have built rapport with them, you might strike up some discounts.

Why you should use promotional products.

This is really a simple one. You want your company name to be known as an authority in your specific market, right? That is precisely why you should use promotional products. When used with customers, not only do you get your name seen, but you become synonymous with that customer's product line. When used with suppliers, you may find a little more cooperation from a stubborn vendor after a small token of appreciation.

Either way, the benefit is easy to see and the entire idea is centered on advertising, branding and recognition. Aside from the obvious reasons, using promotional products to brand your company is just good advertising. Those folks that use your products and do business with you will tell their colleagues about you.

That's the real power of product branding through promotional products.


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