How can promotional merchandise work for your businesses marketing?

For as little as $1 per unit you can get an item that can be put in the hands of a potential customer that has enormous retention value, keeping your brand message in view throughout the working day.  After all, how many promotional pens have you got on your desk today? But it’s not just about customer retention.  You need to be thinking about recruitment and re-activation too.  To recruit, you need impact and what better way than to look at the more obscure and funny promotional items in the marketplace.  From character usb’s and shaped stress products through to novelty pens and cuddly toys…the possibilities to make a statement are endless!

Look around the office now and count the number of promotional pens, promotional pencils, branded highlighters and promotional markers you can see.  That’s why they are the most popular idea most people have when they first consider promotional merchandise.  There use ensures high retention levels; they are great value for money and make a really cost effective giveaway too!  And they have great scope to carry the message, visual and logo to a wide range of people.

But the options can move beyond the cost-effective range.  Consider your best customers, they’re value to your business and you should be considering a suitable corporate gift.  From fountain pens and rollerball pens through to boxed pen gift sets, Code Promotional has a great range of products from leading brand names including Parker Pens, Cross, Sheaffer, Senator, Waterman and Papermate.

So, our advice at Code Promotional Merchandise is to consider the use of the promotional item, consider your target audience, give yourself a realistic budget to work within and investigate how promotional items and corporate gifts can be a key element of your marketing plans and support the long-term growth of your business.

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