It’s all about image with promotional clothing and promotional mugs

Whenever your employee (or customer for that matter!) wears a piece of promotional clothing, everyone who sees this individual will see your business name as well. So when you think about how many places an individual can travel in a single day by wearing promotional clothing with your branding on it, your business will have unparalleled advertising potential.
Corporate clothing is also a potential welcome gift for your employees and customers alike. Whether you give promotional shirts, promotional jackets, promotional polo shirts and promotional caps, your employees and customers will feel like they are part of a team, employees will appreciate being recognised for their hard work and will work even harder to be a part of your company. Scientific studies have shown that companies who encourage a team-building atmosphere in their professional environment also have a lower employee turnover rate. And as recruiting new employees can be a costly expense for growing businesses, so establishing a higher level of employee retention can be crucial to the future success of a business. In a similar way, all successful companies know that their foundation is built on a loyal customer base and promotional clothing and promotional apparel from Code Promotional Merchandise can encourage a stronger customer retention rate.
Second only to promotional pens in popularity, promotional mugs and promotional glassware are extremely popular…and with good reason!  Just take a look at the average office environment and count up the number of branded promotional mugs you can see.  That is the strength of the promotional mug as it is very rarely thrown away.

And from your perspective, you have a great range to choose from.  Firstly, take promotional mugs and decide how you want your brand to be perceived.  Choose from practical promotional travel mugs or classic promotional ceramic mugs, the cost-effective plastic promotional mug or the fine promotional bone chine mugs.

Or secondly, consider promotional glassware.  Does the ability to provide an engraved promotional gift give your business message the opportunity to rise above the others?  From promotional pint glasses to corporate gift boxed champagne sets, we have a selection for you at Code Promotional Merchandise.

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